Carson Woods OAA established the practice in Toronto in 1975 after several years of association with Marshall Macklin Monaghan, an internationally known Canadian Planning and Engineering firm; two years with ARCOP, a Montreal based architectural practice and two years as Vice President of Design for Freuer Homes, a major residential development corporation. Robert Anderson OAA joined the firm in 1987 after an early career with firms in Boston and Toronto. He became Vice President of the company in 1993. 

This broad experience forms the basis of the comprehensive range of services the practice offers our clients and is coupled to the award winning design work produced in innovative housing, industrial, commercial and institutional projects.

The practice is general with a full range of capabilities from site feasibility and urban planning studies through building design, construction documentation and administration. The scope of work includes commercial and residential subdivision design, multi-family and custom houses, mixed use high-rise buildings, office complexes, institutional buildings, tenant coordination, interior design and heritage building consulting. We provide professional planning, architectural and municipal engineering, all within our own firm.

In the thirty-four year development of the practice, we have handled a wide variety of unique projects, including condominiums, recreational facilities, churches, automobile dealerships, retirement communities and Long-Term Care facilities. Our client’s projects are often new construction, but also renovations and alterations, procured through fixed price (Stipulated Sum) construction contracts, by Construction Management, or by a number of other industry standard agreements. We tailor our administration to the particulars of the job and deal with individual construction contracts ranging in value from less than $100,000 up to more than $30,000,000. Over the last several years the firm’s portfolio under active management includes projects in design-development and construction worth more than one hundred million dollars. In 2009 the practice has a total staff of 10.

The company operates with integrated information technology using AutoCAD and Microsoft software including three-dimensional illustration and Building Information Modeling.

We are very familiar with the need to coordinate the work of specialist consultants required as a result of the trend over the last decade to more comprehensive reviews by Authorities in general and by Municipalities for increasingly specific development agreements prior to issuance of building permits. These include the latest environmental, energy efficiency and sustainable building practices.

Carson Woods team has the expertise and experience to review client needs and establish the most effective course of action to expedite your project., We focus on your risks and opportunities, optimize your strengths as they relate to the design, approval and construction processes, We create innovative building designs that respect our clients cost and time imperatives. Our service is thorough; our value is leadership.

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